About Me

I have worked and taught in various organizations developing visual strategies for design solutions. My role is in analyzing the client's requirements to develop a strategy in visual research and proposing design solutions, all the way to organizing the design development mechanism.


  • B.A. of Advertising Design, Applied Arts -Helwan University, Egypt (1994).

  • M.A. of Advertising Design, Applied Arts -Helwan University, Egypt (2002).

  • Ph.D. Candidate Advertising Design, Applied Arts, Damietta University (2016)


  • Adobe Certified Creative Educator, 2014.

  • Adobe, Campus Leader, ACL, 2014-2018.

  • Adobe Certified Education Trainer, 2014.

  • Adobe Generation Professional, Animation, 2014.

  • Adobe Certified Associate Educator (ACA), 2013.


  • Visually Responsive OOH Strategy, 4th Conference of Helwan University, Egypt, 2018.

  • Character Design Aspects, 4th Conference of Damiette University, Egypt, 2017.

  • Design "Convincing" Characters, Art&Design Magazine,, Oman, 2014.

  • Brand Extensions variables, 4th Conference of Al-Zaytouna University, Jordon, 2014.




  • Graphic/Media Design (Full Time), (2009 till now)

       Scientific College of Design, Muscat. Oman. affiliated to LAU.

  • Character Design and animation (Part Time), (2002-2003)

        Faculty of applied Art- 6 October University, Giza, Egypt.

  • Multimedia, Animation Design (Full Time), (2003 - 2005)

       Information Technology Institute, Egyptian Cabinet, Giza, Egypt.

  • Computer Graphics/ Animation (Part Time), (2000-2005)

       Fine Art– Minia University, Minia, Egypt.


  • Video Editing & Effects, (2013-2014)

         Scientific College of Design, continues education, Muscat, Oman.​

  • 3D Animation, (2013-2014)

        Scientific College of Design, continues education, Muscat, Oman.​

  • 3D Character Animation and VFx (Freelancer), (2003-2004)

         Institute of Radio and Television, Egyptian TV Unit, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Adobe Flash design and animation (ITI Deputy), (2003)

        Federal of Arab journalists, Information technology Institute, Cairo, Egypt.


  • Jury Member, Youth Creation Competition, Ministry of Sports Affair, 2016

  • Jury Member, 1st exhibition for graphic design, Omani Society for FA, 2016

  • Jury Member; SAS48 under supervision of Garag48, Oman, 2014

  • Jury Member; Teacher Lense compitition, Ministry of Education.Oman, 2014

Role Player

Branding Designer

  • SCD Brand configuration, Art Direction,, 2012.

  • IBM Egypt-Brand Identity configuration, Art Direction,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Jets Brand Identity Design, Art Direction,, 2007.

  • Canadian Gate, Brand-Identity Design, Freelancer, 2012.

  • Hemaya Tires, Only Logo Design, Freelancer, 2008.

  • ITI Brand Identity configuration, Art Direction,, 2001.

  • EBI institue, Brand/Visual Identity Design, Art Direction,, 2002.

UI & UX Designer

  • Mazoon Website, Mazoon Printing, 2011.

  • Egypt News, Portal Graphics Design, UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Egypt Post, services system, Graphics Modification,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  • MCIT, Saudi Government Portal, Graphics Modification,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  • SCD portal, UI&UX design,, 2009.

  • Egyptian Opera, UI Design Mockup, UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

Motion/Animation Designer

  • SCD Documentary Film, Videography,, (2013-2014)

  • Taht Al-Mejhar, TV Series intro, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2013.

  • Sari Al-Liel, TV Series intro, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2011.

  • Ramdan promo, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2010.

  • Qatar SEC Web Portal, Banner animation,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Egyptian Ministry of Defence, Banner Animation, UCD Team, IBM Egypt (2005-2008)

  • Thebes CD, Lumina Graphics, Intro Anmation, French culture centre, 2002.

  • Cultureware CD, Intro Anmation, IDSC, 2000.

  • Ghosts House, Full 3D Animation,, Nile TV, 1999.

  • Duck Song, Full 3D Animation, Ahmed Saad, art TV, 1998.

  • Ramadan Promo, Full 3D Animation, IDSC, Egyptian TV, channel 1, 1997.

  • Alphabetic Zoo CD, 2D Character Animation, Longman Egypt, 1997.

  • How to pray CD, 2D Animation, Future Soft, 1995.

  • Gulf Cup promo, 2D Animation, Abdel ellah nawar Studio, Bahrin TV, 1994.

Visualization Designer

  • Sphinx Wind fow modeling and simulation, IBM R&D, 2007.

  • Royal Army Identity animation, Royal Army Oman, 2013.

  • Stop TB campaign, Studium Visualization, YAT Media, 2009.

  • IDSC logo animation, 3D Modeling/Animation,, 1997.

  • Idaco gage, 3D Modeling/Animation, 2002.

Prints Designer

  • IBM Learning Notes cover, Learning department, IBM Egypt, 2005.

  • IBM server promotions, Marketing department, IBM Egypt, 2004

  • Virtual Iti CD covers, viti department,, Egypt, 2000.

  • Sindbad Park Bus-Advertising, Sindbad Group, Egypt, 1992.

Design Maintenance

  •, Arabization conversion,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  •, Kisosk Simulation, Maintaince,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.