About Me

My aim is investigating the processes of visual solutions -and design itself— as a non-redundant practice. Stressing the form, stretching the concepts up to breaking rules and misuse of tools. I like to conceive context as system and medium.


  • Ph.D. of Advertising. Applied Arts -Damietta University. Egypt (2020)

Thesis title:

“Civilized Role of smart advertising network as a visual strategy to solve random problems of outdoor advertising”

Verification URL: Select Graduates Information, then paste my civil ID: 27107170106477

  • M.A. of Advertising. Applied Arts -Helwan University. Egypt (2002)

Thesis title: “3 Dimension character animation in Egyptian television commercials”

  • B.A. of Advertising. Applied Arts -Helwan University. Egypt (1994)

Advertising for Visual communication thinking and solutions.


  • Adobe Campus Leader, 2014-2020.

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  • Adobe Creative Educator, 2014.

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  • Adobe Education Train the Trainer: Creative Cloud, 2017.

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  • Adobe Education Train the Trainer, 2014.

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  • Short listed 2021, Nami Concourse-International children’s’ book festival, South Korea, 2020.

  • Visually Responsive OOH Strategy, 4th Conference of Helwan University, Egypt, 2018.

  • Character Design Aspects, 4th Conference of Damietta University, Egypt, 2017

  • Design "Convincing" Characters, Art & Design Magazine,, Oman, 2014.

  • Brand Extensions variables, 4th Conference of Al-Zaytouna University, Jordon, 2014.


  • Film Making using mobile phones, 3rd concourse of schools, Oman, OCT2014.

  • Film Making, Cinema Department, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman, AUG2014.

  • Graphic Design Influences, Omani Society For Fine Arts, Oman, 2013.

  • Graphic Design in Focus,, Oman, 2010.

  • Animation Principles for Beginner, Digimedia,, 2002.


Full Time

  • Assis. Prof. Digital Design,, affiliated to Lebanese American University (2009-2020)

  • Creative/Art Director, Learning Department (Hani Galal- Ihab Shalabi), IBM-Egypt, (2003- 2006)

  • Creative/Art Director, TDC Department (Khaled Al-Sherif- Reem Fahmi), IBM-Egypt (2003- 2006)

  • Multimedia Instructor/Artist. (Dr. Nabil Saeed- Ghada Osama) ITI-IDSC, (1999- 2003)

  • Executive Director. (GEN Wafaa Kamel- Prof. Magdi Abd AlAziz) IDSC, (1996-1999)

  • Executive Director. Abd Al-Elah Nawar Studio (Khaled Fakhri) , art TV 1995 (10 months).

  • Executive Director. Ahmed Saad Animation, 1994 (4 months)

Part Time

  • Lecturer. Animation Department, Fine Arts College, Menya University, Egypt (1998-2003)

  • Lecturer. Advertising Department, Applied Arts, 6 October University, Egypt (2002-2003)

  • 3D Artist. Tarek Rashed Studio «TR»,, Egypt (1998- 2002)

  • Creative Director. Areena Solutions (Mubarak Al Hadaddi),, Oman (2016-2018)

Free Lancer

  • Creative Designer. DHL Oman, (Manager: Ali Thabet) (2014)

  • Creative Director. Oman Royal Court Affairs. Hisn A`Shumookh Library (2012)

  • Creative Director. Oman Royal Court Affairs, Hashar Group (2010- 2011)


  • Bo-Khaled commercial Campaign, Areen Studio - Ministry of Health Oman, 2017.

  • Hisn A`Shumookh Library Simulation,Director/UI/Visualization, Royal Court Affairs, 2012.

  • Oud CD, Present of Sultan Qaboos,Director/UI/3D/Motion, Hashaar Group, 2010.

  • Egyptair fights simulation, UI/3D/Visualization, IBM Egypt, 2006.

  • Mere Ruka tomb Simulation, Ministre of tourism, UI/Visualization, IBM Egypt (2005)

  • Train the Trainer course, Illustration/UI, IBM Egypt, 2004.

  • Kalila & Demna, 3D/Animation, Tarek Rashid studio,kwait TV, 2000.

  • Gaser Episodes, 3D/Animation,, kwait TV 1999.

  • Science Dictionery ME, 2D Animation/Flash, IDSC,Longman Egypt1997.

  • Alphabet City, TV Series. Layout assisstant/2D Animation, Baby Film Studio,1995

  • Color city, TV Series. Storyboard Designer, Ahmed Saad Studio, 1994.

2.Role Player

Branding Designer

  • SCD Brand configuration, Art Direction,, 2012.

  • IBM Egypt-Brand Identity configuration, Art Direction,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Jets Brand Identity Design, Art Direction,, 2007.

  • Canadian Gate, Brand-Identity Design, Freelancer, 2012.

  • Hemaya Tires, Only Logo Design, Freelancer, 2008.

  • ITI Brand Identity configuration, Art Direction,, 2001.

  • EBI institue, Brand/Visual Identity Design, Art Direction,, 2002.

UI & UX Designer

  • Mazoon Website, Mazoon Printing, 2011.

  • Egypt News, Portal Graphics Design, UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Egypt Post, services system, Graphics Modification,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  • MCIT, Saudi Government Portal, Graphics Modification,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  • SCD portal, UI&UX design,, 2009.

  • Egyptian Opera, UI Design Mockup, UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

Motion/Animation Designer

  • SCD Documentary Film, Videography,, (2013-2014)

  • Taht Al-Mejhar, TV Series intro, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2013.

  • Sari Al-Liel, TV Series intro, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2011.

  • Ramdan promo, Oman TV, Al-Boom Studio, 2010.

  • Qatar SEC Web Portal, Banner animation,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2008.

  • Egyptian Ministry of Defence, Banner Animation, UCD Team, IBM Egypt (2005-2008)

  • Thebes CD, Lumina Graphics, Intro Anmation, French culture centre, 2002.

  • Cultureware CD, Intro Anmation, IDSC, 2000.

  • Ghosts House, Full 3D Animation,, Nile TV, 1999.

  • Duck Song, Full 3D Animation, Ahmed Saad, art TV, 1998.

  • Ramadan Promo, Full 3D Animation, IDSC, Egyptian TV, channel 1, 1997.

  • Alphabetic Zoo CD, 2D Character Animation, Longman Egypt, 1997.

  • How to pray CD, 2D Animation, Future Soft, 1995.

  • Gulf Cup promo, 2D Animation, Abdel ellah nawar Studio, Bahrin TV, 1994.

Visualization Designer

  • Sphinx Wind flow modeling and simulation, IBM R&D, 2007.

  • Royal Army Identity animation, Royal Army Oman, 2013.

  • Stop TB campaign, Stadium Visualization, YAT Media, 2009.

  • IDSC logo animation, 3D Modeling/Animation,, 1997.

  • IDACO gage, 3D Modeling/Animation, 2002.

Prints Designer

  • IBM Learning Notes cover, Learning department, IBM Egypt, 2005.

  • IBM server promotions, Marketing department, IBM Egypt, 2004

  • Virtual Iti CD covers, viti department,, Egypt, 2000.

  • Sindbad Park Bus-Advertising, Sindbad Group, Egypt, 1992.

Academic Committees

  • 1 of committee of "Animation" program development, SCD. 2015. 

  • Committee member of "Creative Media" program development, SCD. 2020.

Design Maintenance

  •, Arabization conversion,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

  •, Kisosk Simulation, Maintaince,UCD Team, IBM Egypt, 2007.

3. Experimental Work

  • Virtual Luxor, 3D Simulation, Cultnat (Fathi Saleh)Dr, IBM Egypt (Adel Sobhi), 2008.

  • Drive Teaching Simulation CD, UI Design/Illustration, Development, IBM Egypt, 2004.

  • Qualifits, Branding and Mobile App's wireframe., Mubarak Al Hadadi. 2015.

  • Instructor character for e-learning courses, IBM Egypt (Mr. Ihab Sahalbi). 2003.

  • Last Pharos Film, IDSC (Prof. Magdi Abd Al-Aziz). Egypt 1998.


1. Teaching & Academic Skills

  • Teaching visual communication design’s process using specialized theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Instructional design for a program/course by developing a distinct syllabus to achieve the goals.

  • Infusing inspirational learning solutions to experiment the powerful of conceptual thinking and explore design process.

2. Conceptual Thinking

  • Analyze visual solutions based on a well-structured requirement and data from stakeholders, using creative thinking techniques and strategies.

  • Requirements Analysis: Site visit, prepare checklists, attending interviews, and negotiate ideation drafts’ assumptions (Storyboards, mind-maps and graph studies) to interpret a prove of concept’s requirements.

  • Ideation using storyboarding, Character design and conceptual studies.

  • Briefing visual solutions with a draft of action plan, info-graphical presentation for client’s approval.

3. Design Thinking

  • Optimizing client requirements/changes’ request to a solid design to cover target audiences’ demand using mockups and prototypes as a prove of concept technique.

  • Demonstration by implementing a rough prove of concept for design solution.

  • Apply recent trends of a communicative visual designs using design’s technical solutions and formats.

4. Art Direction

  • Managing art direction strategies as requirements for design process and stages, integrate a requirement-based artistic solution to develop a persuasive design for stakeholders.

  • Applying Techniques of Photography-image retouching, Videography-video compositing & editing. Information design. Illustration techniques. 2D/3d Modeling & Animation.

  • Handover fluidity of visuals by using multi-formats of printing, motion and interactive design.