Motion Design

Move your design elements

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Course Description

The Motion Design curriculum provides an educational environment that encourages students to become innovative thinkers for a complex media environment. Students develop in-depth approaches to such varied fields as 2D and 3D video graphics, animation, gaming, web development, and interactive presentations. As media continue to emerge, the field demands sophisticated designers who can navigate the new and expanding territory. The course objectives to Have a professional opportunity to enter design positions within interactive design companies, motion graphics firms, game development companies, animation firms, television stations, or film production companies. In addition, to be able to hand over compositing techniques diffractions.

Course Objectives

This course intending to:

  1. Reproduce a new uniform of movies using multiple footage formats and recourses.

  2. Embrace composition elements visually for matching and artistic harmony.

  3. Design a creative visual coexistence of composition elements using software methodologies.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Experiment compositing techniques to identify motion design’s principles.

  2. Relate artistic look and feel for matching motion graphics to unleash creativity.

  3. Perform software methodologies for the pipeline of Film production.

Teaching Methods

  1. Lecture: to explain the principles of Computer 3D methods.

  2. Demonstration: stimulate design process to ignite the creativity of students.

  3. Guided Study: motivate peer review and work groups to monitor and orient student’s skills.

  4. Mentoring: Students will go-through practices under the supervision of the instructor to create a experimental work.