Art of Calligraphy

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Course Description

This course focuses on developing the Arabic alphabet visually to be used as an artistic type form of visual communication. The course will cover samples of Islamic calligraphy as a fundamental practice to understand the formulation of Arabic typeface. The student will have the chance to create a new Arabic font and examine the type’s legibility through calligraphic composition forms.

Course Objectives

This course intending to:

  1. Categorize Arabic typefaces to define alphabet attributes and formulation.

  2. Demonstrate constructive solutions for creating new modules of typefaces.

  3. Employ formulation methods for new fonts to examine the added value.

Learning Outcome

At the completion of the course, students will be able to

  1. Identify cultural typefaces as a visual solution for different design purposes.

  2. Integrate art and design principles to compose a visual impact of the type’s legibility.

  3. Examine Arabic calligraphy’s developing methodologies for titles and logo design.

Teaching methods

  1. Online Lecture: Design principles of Arabic typeface variations.

  2. Demonstration: showcase for experimental design process of Arabic calligraphy.

  3. Guided Study: Simulate design process for creating art of Arabic Calligraphy.

  4. Mentoring: Supervision of design process for projects and practices.