Best of my Students

I believe that teaching art & design is not about feeding knowledge and assign practices, it is relying on infusing inspirational learning path to experiment the powerful of conceptual thinking and design process exploration.

Digital Illustration

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This course is intermediate level of using computer graphics tools to practice design disciplines and provide varieties of visualization techniques. it is focuses on digital illustration as one of required competence for visual communication designer. Student will discover number of tools and techniques of vector illustration.


3D Design

This course will cover major aspects of digital image generation: geometric modeling, computer animation, and rendering. The goal of the course is to provide a strong foundation for computer graphics principles and introduce recent advanced topics. The course should be appropriate for Animation students in all areas. Course handles the basics techniques of creating the 3D design and animation, leading the student to skills of Video compositing and editing based on finished shots of 3D animation done by the student.

2. Packaging 3D Design

1. I love Typography poster

Visual Perception

Course focuses on how designers decode visual information and audiences encode them as a fundamental to the disciplines of graphic design. This course approaches the study of visual culture and its theoretical framework. It investigates the production, form and reception of images as well as introduces theoretical strategies to understand how meaning is produced by and through images within their historical context. This course is taught through presentations, discussions, projects and critiques.

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Art of Calligraphy

This course focuses on developing the Arabic alphabet visually to be used as an artistic type form of visual communication. The course will cover samples of Islamic calligraphy as a fundamental practice to understand the formulation of Arabic typeface. The student will have the chance to create a new Arabic font and examine the type’s legibility through calligraphic composition forms.

Plaited Kufic.jpg

3. New Style Font
to achieve the course objectives


1. Square Kufic

Square kufic.jpg

2. Plaited Kufic

New Type Style.jpg

Character Design

1. Character Dimensions

CH Objects.jpg

3. Human-Anatomy Characters

CH Robots.jpg
CH Animals.jpg

2. Creating Family

Ch Final .jpg

4. Character in Story

2D Computer Animation

Digital Media/Senior 

This course involves market-centered learning strategies and project-based methods. The course provides a structure and criteria for visual communication solutions. It highlights the importance of visual thinking and visualization techniques through the process of communication design projects. Students will tend to have visual experiential learning styles, they will be encouraged to use their design skills to make sense of perception experience if possible. the student will conduct the design process based on the research of the seminar’s course- to generate the design theme and visual unification of design progress. They will exhibited the project plus the portfolio.

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Motion Design