• Ahmed Ali Moselhi

When you start to create a visual storytelling, you need to structure your sequence based on a contextual timeline. Timeline could convey1 or more of stories, story has a number of scenarios which divided to scenes, scenes contents of shots, shots should be expressive using 1 event or more, event is described with 1 action or more, which recorded/animated using with a specific framerate to be played on screen.

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  • Ahmed Ali Moselhi

You can go for different paths of visual conception of your design, but !!! you have to follow some constrains of dimensions, for example, we got 3 dimensions of Character Design; Psychology, Sociology and Physiology, all are influencing the design visualization.

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  • Ahmed Ali Moselhi

Updated: Aug 30

I have the honor of being a part of "Program Development Committee" to develop 2 programs: Animation & Creative Media. Basically we are working on different factors and domains to initiate a new successful program. for me, I have my own graph to start brain storming and follow up with my collogues to finish requirements gathering and writing the documents.

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